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Dental Knowledge Network

Dentists and Dental Technicians from all over the world share their knowledge and experience in the Dentalblog to build their own knowledge networks. The original application of Dentalblog allows you to easily reach the subjects and people you are interested in.

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What does Dentalblog do?

  • Dentalblog provides a large library and research environment for all shared information collected under the relevant branches.
  • It provides follow-up of current developments related to dentistry from a single source. It provides continuity of knowledge by focusing on the desired person, branch and categories.
  • Dentalblog keeps dental knowledge culture alive
  • It enables dentists and dental technicians to reach everything they need in a short time.
  • Prepares an appropriate ground for sharing professional experiences among colleagues.

Who's in DentalBlog?

From all over the world;

  • Dentists
  • Dental technicians
  • Dental Institutions
  • Dental Companies meet at Dentalblog.

Those who are not part of the dental ecosystem cannot become a member of Dentalblog.


What's in DentalBlog?

Detailed Search Page : Research can be done in Dentists, Dental Technicians, Dental Institutions and Companies. In addition, all contents of the Dentalblog can be studied in detail.

Three Different Newsfeed Page : It allows you to easily see the people you follow, category, blog, and also shares made from all the world you have not followed.

Blog Page : Detailed presentation and sharing can be done with the specially designed article editor, it is also listed in the relevant category.

Clinic Blog Page : They can share articles and presentations with their patients on the Disbilgisi (disbilgisi.com) website specially designed for dentists. They can answer questions and comments from disbilgisi.com

Sharing : Without opening the blog; fast, categorized video, photo, animation and text can be shared.

Chatting : You can communicate with followers or followed users.

Kategoriler Sayfası : With this page you can make DentalBlog special for you by choosing from the categories of Dentist, Dental Technician and common.


Which in digital devices works?

Dentalblog is designed to be displayed properly on web (computer) and mobile (smartphone and tablet) devices.


Our Mobile Application is Published

Download our Android or IOS DentalBlog application to get more convenient access.
Which Languages Support?
Supports two languages, Turkish and English.

DOWNLOAD NOW, Open Your Blog, Take Part in Dental Blog!

Detailed Search Page

If you are looking for a dentist, dental technician or any other dental company, you can find it in our Detailed Search Page.
If you want a video, article or photo about a topic you are interested in, you can find it on the Detailed Search Page.
You can find the blogs of dentists or dental technicians who write articles in the branches you are following with Detailed Search Page.

Three Different Newsfeed Page

You can see the posts of people, categories and blogs you follow in Personal News Feed.
You can follow dental news, education-courses, congress-symposium-exposition categories (common categories) in the Categorical News Feed and you will never miss a program.
You can follow dental news, training-courses, congress-symposium-exposition categories (common categories) in the Categorical News Feed and you will never miss a program.

Blog Page

In the advanced editor you can create quality presentations and articles that you can use in combination of photos, videos, text, links and animations.
You can give your blog the name you want, and enrich with photos.
You can share shortcut of your blog and contact more people.
You can present your experience and knowledge to the whole world in a quality environment.
You can search within all articles with blog search.
You can update or delete your articles and presentations at any time.
You can update or delete your articles and presentations at any time.

Clinic Blog Page

Clinic Blog Page : Currently only support for Turkish language.


You can share many photos with or without text.
You can share a video with or without text.
You can share animations with or without photos.
By choosing among the profession groups, you enable the groups you want to see your share. Profession groups that you don't want to see on your share can't see it on the Detailed Search Page and in your Time Tunnel.

User (Profile Page)

You can see the user you follow and that follow you.
You can see the blogs you follow.
You can update your profile photos, background photos and password at any time.
You will be more accessible by entering your occupational information, contact information and the region you live in.
In Time Tunnel you can see all your previous shares.


You can communicate with followers or followed users.

Category Page

• You can choose from Dentist and Dental Technician categories. You can see the posts made in the selected categories in the Personal News Feed.
• Shares made in Common Categories are only displayed in the Categorical News Feed.
• You can select categories that you have stopped tracking.


Reports you about the interactions with your posts. When a user writes a message, a warning message is sent to the notification area.

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